lunes, 10 de junio de 2019


☻hair:.EscalateD. Castie - MultiHUD Reds New!!!
(unrigged mesh (resizeable via script / click on hair) 
    includes V1= Highlights & V2= Duo
    includes StyleHUD to hide/unhide bangs)
June 8th - 30th
☻bikini:HEC - JILL WetSense Tintable Bikini (MERMAID PACK) 00M New!!!
June 13th - July 3rd
☻tattoo:KIRA TATTO-LILY New!!!
☻flip flops:1 Lush - Flip Flops - Ya Mon - RARE New!!!
☻poses:Lush Poses - Summer Blossom - Female Pose Pack New!!!
Opens the 12th

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